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Pat Hanrahan: The Southern Sky From Namibia

Pat Hanrahan is the Planetarium Director and teaches astronomy for Mt. Hood Community College and has been a member of RCA for many years.

He will be presenting an interactive visual program showing the southern skies on the OMSI Planetarium dome.

Last fall, Pat spent over two months as an unpaid astronomer in the NamibRand Nature Reserve of Namibia. This reserve was recently named Africa's First International Dark Sky Reserve and is ranked as one of the darkest places on Earth. As it is just below the Tropic of Capricorn, the Southern Sky is clearly visible from the reserve.

Pat will be showing off some of his pictures of the highlights of the area (both in the sky and on the ground). This will be followed by viewing the sky as seen from Namibia using the OMSI Planetarium and a demonstration of Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope software.

Pat Hanrahan is the Planetarium Director and Lead Astronomy Instructor at Mount Hood Community College. He is also a registered professional engineer in both chemical and environmental engineering and an air quality modeling consultant.

He is the author of the Sky Simulator II planetarium software, which was sold at OMSI back in the 1980s, and created the EPA's methodology for modeling of atmospheric nitrogen oxide emissions from industrial sources. He holds an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois - Urbana.