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Richard Berry: Telescope Optics: Evaluation and Design For Amateurs Who Want to Know How Telescopes Work

Richard Berry has been an amateur astronomer and telescope maker for as long as he can remember. At age 13, he ground and polished his first telescope mirror, and went on the complete a dozen more telescopes. Early in his career, he built payloads launched on Black Brant research rockets, tested and certified components flown in the Apollo Soyuz mission, and measured ozone pollution with laser light.

Then, in 1976, Berry joined the staff of Astronomy magazine. In sixteen years as its editor, he built Astronomy magazine from a struggling start-up to the largest circulation astronomy magazine in the world. During this time, he also founded and edited Telescope Making, the quarterly journal that helped make the 1980s such explosive growth years for amateur astronomy.

In the last two decades, Richard's books "Build Your Own Telescope", "Discover the Stars", "The CCD Camera Cookbook", "The Dobsonian Telescope" and "The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing" have introduced thousands to the joys of amateur astronomy, telescope making, CCD imaging, and digital image processing.