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Ben Canales: Discovering Astronomy Through DSLR Photography

The surge of DSLR photography has brought a unique opportunity to the world of astronomy.

Ben will speak about the ability of this growing night photography interestto connect newcomers to the expansive world of traditional astronomy.

Ben will also share photos and timelapse videos of our night skies above the landscapes of our Pacific Northwest.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Ben Canales' night photography of the stars has been featured on OPB's Oregon Field Guide, NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day, National Geographic Travel Photo of the Year, and is a winner of the contest The World At Night.

Additionally, Ben's work will also be featured in an upcoming show in OMSI's Kendall Planetarium.

Ben specializes in landscape photography at night, under the stars.

His style pulls back the focus from traditional deep space astronomy, instead showcasing the expansive night sky from a human eye perspective.

I believe the "landscape astrophotography" style images are an easy introduction and draw for non-astronomy people and beginning astronomers to find a connection to the stars.

Once the right settings are setup in the DSLR camera, anyone can then use the camera and "explore" the night sky with it and then turn to a telescope beside it to then "zoom" in to various constellations, planets, etc that are of interest.