Renew Your RCA Discount Magazine Subscriptions


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Is it time to renew your magazine subscriptions to Astronomy or Sky and Telescope? Be sure to take advantage of the discounts for RCA club members. Please remember that it takes two months to renew your subscription:

If your subscription expires with this issue:    Month          (e.g. January)

You must renew by this RCA meeting:           Month - 3     (e.g. October)

So that two months later in:                            Month - 1     (e.g. December)

You will receive the Issue for:                          Month + 1      (e.g. February)

Save a stamp by paying at the next RCA meeting. Just drop off your check/cash (and a mailing label or renewal notice from your magazine) at the Magazine Subscription table. We'll help keep these great magazines coming to your mailbox.

If you can't make it to the RCA meetings, see other options at our magazine subscription page.