Holiday Potluck: Donate Extra Warm Clothes to Transition Projects

President’s Paragraph: December 2016

RCA has a tradition of being generous and giving at the time of our annual dinner, this year on Monday, Dec. 19. several years, under David Nemo’s leadership, we have taken the leftover food from the banquet to the Transition Projects Clark Men’s Shelter on MLK. We have also collected cans of food for Portland’s Food Bank. We’ll do the same this year and hopefully every year as part of our holiday banquet tradition. Consider this is a special reminder to encourage you to bring a can or box of food to donate to Food Bank, as well as your usual contribution to the potluck.

Additionally, this year we are starting a new tradition. We are encouraging our members to donate leftover and unused warm clothes to the homeless. Transition Projects accepts clothes for people of all ages and situations, since so many families are now facing homelessness, so do not worry about size, gender or other issues of appropriateness. We encourage you to bring that fourth scarf someone gave you after their trip to Peru, or those socks that are so thick you can’t stuff your feet into your shoes when you wear them, or that redundant wool hat you never wear, or that wool vest that shrank when you washed it in hot water. As long as the clothes are in good repair and clean, they will be accepted. We’ll have some large boxes and bags to put the clothes into and right after the dinner is over, we’ll drive to Transitions Project’s 24-hour donation location and give them to those who need them.

I think the coldest I have ever been while observing was in December at Fort Rock in the southeast Oregon desert. It got down to 24 degrees F about 4 a.m. and the wind was blowing. I shivered all night long. I had to crawl into my sleeping bag every half hour to warm up enough to climb out and give it another thirty minutes. And on many an observing night, frost has formed on my books and clothes. If you’ve been out observing all night, you know what it is to be cold. But fortunately, most of us have not only enough warm clothes, but probably a few extras. Let’s give them to those who also spend the night outdoors, who could use a boost from a buddy.


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