Former RCA Young Astronomer on Fast Radio Burst Discovery Team

Missing Baryons May Finally be Accounted For

Dr. Emily Petroff, who presented her research at our November General Meeting, is one of the co-authors on last week's paper in Nature, "The Host Galaxy of a Fast Radio Burst" (summary available here). The FRB in question occurred while she was a doctoral candidate at Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. Not to be missed in this story is that, not only is this the first time that an FRB has been tracked to its origin galaxy and given a redshift, but also that analysis of the signal may have solved the vexing problem of accounting for a missing one-half of all matter in the universe. 

Read the Nature News article.

[Correction 3/2/16: these results have been put into question by a subsequent paper.]