Observing season is arriving!

Click for map of observing sites.

Click for map of observing sites.

President's Paragraph April 2016

Slowly, yes, and with setbacks too, but as sure as sunset and moonrise, the season is turning. It's time to make plans for getting out to see the night sky at last. In spite of our seeming lack of opportunity based on our uncertain weather, we really do have a lot of choices: Maupin, Camp Hancock, Stub Stewart, Rooster Rock, OSP, Prineville, Golden State, Goldendale Observatory, Pine Mountain Observatory, Mt. St. Helen, Trout Lake and probably others.  

With observing season also comes volunteer season. With RCA's growth and increasing public attention, more invitations are coming our way than ever before, and we need to rely on more than a few gallant folk.  When you make your observing plans for this coming season, don't forget to add just one volunteer outreach event to your plans. That's all it takes.

And the OMSI events have the benefit of being a two-fer. If you bring a telescope to an OMSI event, you can park for free without the need for a state park permit.  After serving the public for a couple of hours — kids, lights, questions, oohs and ahhhs, enthusiasm and lots of appreciation — by about 11:00, the hubbadub dies down and the rest of the night is yours, with a few other observers. Plus you get to record your time with the public as volunteer hours and make yourself a club hero. The same holds true for Haggart Observatory.  

To sweeten the pot even more, it's possible to earn an Astronomical League certificate by volunteering just a little. All it takes is five outreach events, document the hours and location, and get either myself or Ken Hose or Jim Higgs to sign off on that documentation, and you can earn an AL Outreach Award. Go for it! Another contribution to RCA's accomplishment bank.  Until May blooms, have a terrifically astronomical April. 

Margaret McCrea

April Calendar

April 1st: Downtowners
April 1st: Rooster Rock Star Party (members and guests)
April 2nd: Stub Stewart Star Party (members and guests)
April 4th: Board Meeting
April 7th-10th: Maupin Star Party (members and guests)
April 13th: Astro-imaging SIG
April 16th: Astro-Imaging Class (registration closed)
April 16th: OMSI Planet Parade Star Party
April 18th: New Member Orientation
April 18th: General Meeting — Dr. Ethan Siegel
April 20th: Astrophysics/Cosmology SIG
April 23rd: Astro-Imaging Class (registration closed)
April 23rd: Telescope Workshop
April 29th: Stub Stewart Star Party (members and guests)
April 30th: Rooster Rock Star Party (members and guests)
April 30th: Haggart Observatory Public Night