It’s International Dark Sky Week! (April 4-10)

Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate and Be Part of the Solution

1. Use this week to learn more about artificial light at night’s effect on human health, the environment, energy waste, crime and safety and our heritage of night skies.

2. Perform a lighting audit of your home and/or business. Lighting should:

  • Only be on when needed
  • Only light the area that needs it
  • Be no brighter than necessary
  • Minimize blue light emissions
  • Be fully shielded (pointing downward)

For more information on suitable light fixtures available here. 

3. Help spread the word about light pollution and the importance of dark skies. This week is a great excuse to talk with friends, family, neighbors, your homeowner’s association or government representatives about why protecting our night environment is so crucial.

4. Watch, and Share "Losing the Dark," a free, 6-minute film about light pollution. Then become an International Dark Sky Association Member. IDA is the only association devoted to preserving dark skies.

5. Become a citizen scientist and collect data about the night sky in your neighborhood for Globe at Night. Doing so, contributes to a global database of light pollution measurements.