Friends of Galileo

Friends in Dark Places

RCA has friends in other clubs around the Northwest, and we’ll be introducing them to our members now and again. Here is the first of an irregular series called Friends in Dark Places.

Friends of Galileo Astronomy Club is a group of about twenty amateur astronomers in the Longview/Kelso area of Washington. We formed in 1995 after nine members made their own telescopes under Carl Zambuto's tutoring. John Dobson attended our first light party!  Since then we have produced monthly educational astronomy talks open to the public. We do sidewalk astronomy viewing from June through September and we sponsor lunar eclipse viewings for the community. We have developed several viewing locations within a short drive of Longview where we hold club star parties every summer. Our club, affectionately referred to as FOG, built the Lake Sacajawea model Solar System Walk and the Human Sundial on the Lower Columbia College campus.

One of our members, Karin Sandstrom, Ph.D., now teaches astrophysics at UC. San Diego. We’re very proud of this. We are a small group but we are committed to sharing our enjoyment of seeing and understanding what's happening in our sky. We are excited to co-sponsor with RCA the Sky & Star Party at the Mt. St. Helen Science and Learning Center on Saturday, July 9. For more information on this event, contact Jim Higgs, RCA’s Outreach Director, and watch the RCA website for announcements. In the meantime, please friend us on Facebook.  Some of us attend RCA meetings now and then; we’ll be glad to have you at ours. And if you come up to visit, we just might take you observing overlooking a mighty river or on a majestic mountain. 

Mark Thorson, friend of Galileo.