Treasurer Position Partially Filled

I'm pleased to report that we have identified a volunteer who will help out with the treasurer's position for a while, but we are still looking for the second person for that team. Bookkeeping experience is not necessary, but a love of detail and accuracy is. We promise training, mentoring and support for whoever volunteers.  Below is a list of tasks for our treasurers, to be divided up as they think best:

  1. Deposit and record our income.
  2. Pay our bills and record the transactions.
  3. Maintain our QuickBooks records and report once a month to the Board of our income, expenses and current position.
  4. Prepare and file our taxes.
  5. Help prepare our annual budget.
  6. Take in magazine subscriptions at the general meetings.

Our records are in good order, so the job is mostly a matter of maintaining the system. If you are interested, please contact any board member, but especially either myself, or Larry Godsey, current treasurer, at