Volunteer for Lights Out! Sept. 30th at Sunnyside Elementary


Those are welcoming words among the astronomy community. They are also welcoming words to those trying to protect birds from the harmful effects of light pollution. RCA is joining the Portland Audubon Society in a Lights Out event on September 30th to promote dark skies.

The students of Sunnyside Elementary School have been preparing for this event since April and have had lessons on the importance of dark skies. RCA members can now SHOW the children, their parents, and local community members the wonders of dark skies. Some city skyscrapers, including the Wells Fargo Building, will also be participating in this Lights Out event.

We are looking for volunteers to point out constellations (e.g., Cygnus and Aquila -- the "bird" constellations), demonstrate how to navigate by the stars (after all -- birds do it!), and by sharing views through their light-weight telescopes and binoculars. (Please don't bring a heavy, complicated telescope. We aren't promised onsite parking, so it will be wiser to bring something you can easily carry and set-up).

Email Dawn Nilson for more information.