Summer Outreach Highlights

During July and August, nine outreach events were held in each month—a new record—and that doesn’t count August 31st, the night of “OMSI After Dark” because that hasn’t occurred yet!

  • July:  9 events, 1,021 attendees
  • August: 9 events: 7,290 attendees

Much of the attendance surge was driven by the huge attendances this year at Rooster and Stub (6,800 attendees combined) for the Perseid Meteor Shower. Stub had to be “shut down” to prevent more attendees! Attendance was also big for the Perseids last year, but not nearly as many attendees as this year!
Our record attendance for all outreach events (in 2015) was a bit less than 10,000 for the calendar year. We are already at 10,600 for 2016, and there are several events still to go!
Although we are doing a lot of outreach—there are more RCA events and more attendees than ever before—the number of RCA volunteers has remained remarkably unchanged, even at the same time that RCA’s membership has hit an all-time high. Thus far in 2016, only slightly more than 50 RCA volunteers are responsible for the people-power at all our Outreach events!
If you are interested in being on our “Volunteer List,” please send an email to Jim Higgs. You are not at all obligated, but by being on the list, you are advised of outreach events that are coming up. We hope to see you at an RCA Outreach Event!