Telescope Library Needs Temporary Storage Space, Volunteers

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Changes Coming. Volunteers Needed.

Our Telescope Library collection is stored in space donated by OMSI and TMS (where library items are available each month). This year, conditions are changing at OMSI; with construction planned, our collection will have to reside somewhere else. TMS has been very generous with storage, but we are at our limit for space there.

Our first choice is acquiring suitable space, to store the collection. Please contact us if you can help with space. Keep in mind that the fair market value of storage space (as rent) is tax-deductible, as are any donations to fund storage space and transportation, due to our non-profit status

We are also examining the best way to update our collection in response to changing demands. Equipment transitioning out of our collection will be available for purchase, through several channels, including our own Forum.

Another alternative we are considering is placing elements of the collection with other non-profits, on either a temporary or permanent basis. We are considering various arrangements to make telescopes available to them. If you know of a non-profit group (including other astronomy clubs) that requires a telescope, please contact us.

We are open to any suggestions, ideas, or offers of assistance that you, our large, diverse, and resourceful membership can provide. We can also use more volunteers to help meet the recently increased interest for what we have to offer the group, and we seek your help and support, as you seek ours. Contact our Telescope Librarian, Bob Brown at

Next Month: More News About Growth