Volunteer for the Telescope Library

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The Telescope Library has published a call for volunteers. The details can be found in the Telescope Library board on the Forum, and on the Telescope Library page on the RCA Website. 

Activity around the library is up, after the library collection has had service, made more visible, and collection items can now be reserved up to a year in advance. There are nearly 20 reservations as of this writing, and 15 loans in progress, more than the library had at it's activity peak in the summer of 2016. Still more activity is expected this summer, as awareness of the Library spreads, and as innovation continues.

Volunteers are needed to make sure service is responsive and can meet demand, maintain the quality and diversity of our collection, and build the library into a resource for the whole group. In exchange, the library offers training and exposure to the various disciplines required for everything the Library will be doing in the future, and the satisfaction of providing good service to the group.

Volunteer positions are organized into three major categories — operating, maintaining, and evaluating the library — with 10 different roles detailed. Each role is available for more than one volunteer, no constant commitment is required. The roles limit responsibility so that no one would feel obligated to serve when there are conflicting demands on a volunteer's time.

Please look over these volunteer opportunities and respond with questions, comments, and offers to participate by writing to the Telescope Librarian.