RCA Plan Attendance at the 'March for Science' on April 22

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Come to Support Scientific Research, Science Education, and Dark Skies

April 22nd this year is Earth Day. It is also the first day of International Dark Sky Week (April 22 – 28), and the day of the March for Science. The national march in Washington, D.C. is sponsored or supported by over one hundred national science organizations. There will be some four hundred satellite marches around the country, including in Portland. After considered discussion, the Board has voted for RCA to march as an organization in the Portland march on April 22nd. The reasons are:

As a non-profit organization, we can advocate and even lobby for causes that are important to our mission, though we cannot support a political party or candidate.

We’ve done advocacy in the past. For example, we have lobbied for good lighting policy to Portland’s City Council and Planning Commission on more than one occasion.

We are concerned that the proposed national budget suggests several cuts to basic scientific research which we think would be harmful not only to science, but also to our economy and our national progress.

After some discussion, we found a good basis for agreement on what we will be marching for: we will march in support of scientific research and science education, and we will march in support of dark skies.

The Board felt that this decision represents most of our members, and may even bring new members into the club through our public stance. So on April 22, we will gather with our posters and our RCA banner and walk alongside others who want to speak in support of the goals of scientists everywhere: a search for basic knowledge.

The march will be from 10 a.m. to about 1 p.m. along Waterfront Park. Watch our Facebook page, our webpage, and the Forum for information on where we will meet, what time we will meet, and how we will join up with the march.

Margaret McCrea, RCA President