Telescope Library Thrives on New Volunteers, Reservations

The Telescope Library has become much more active this year, meeting growing demand with an expanding group of volunteers. The number of loans is already over twice that of last years' peak, and demand continues to grow. At this writing, we have 36 reservations, some of which stretch into October.

Interest in Astronomy is also rising, due to the Eclipse on August 21, and we have seen the effects of this in some reservations and questions. More about this next month.

In September, with construction at OMSI, our goal is to loan out all of the collection normally stored there. Most loans starting in August will be for two months, with loans ending in October, keeping our equipment out of the way of construction crews.

Reservations have been a key to growth. By putting our collection on the website, many members were made aware of the availability of telescopes in the library for the first time, and reservations have shown the level of interest. For example, we have 4 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes over 10 inches, one of which was loaned out last year for 1 month. This year, 3 of the 4 are on loan now, or reserved for several months.

Finally, Our call for volunteers has been another success; several talented people who are able to support the growing activity have stepped forward, but we can always use more help, at any level. Our goal is to serve you better, with courteous service and higher standards. If you would like to help build our team, please contact the Telescope Librarian.