Greater Variety in Telescope Library Due to Demand and Your Donations

4.2"   Stellarvue Refractor

4.2" Stellarvue Refractor

At our last General meeting, we put one of our 10-inch Dobsonians on the auction block. Although we got no acceptable bids, please take this as a signal of things to come – Some aspects of our collection are going to change soon.

Examination of our loans over the past year and more indicate changing demands. We have somewhat fewer loans of those large Dobs, and more demand for other kinds of equipment. Some of the changes are due to increased visibility for the whole collection, but other shifts indicate that our members want to try other kinds of equipment.

Shifting Demands, Recent Donations

For example, we have only one refractor in the entire collection, and it is almost always on loan. Similarly, our binoculars are always in great demand, and half or more are out most of the time. Perhaps the largest change has been in loans of reflectors under eight inches; we have six telescopes in that category, and they were not loaned out much in the past. Now, we are seeing half or more almost always out on loan.

Dob lovers need not worry, We are not “dumping” our Dobs; but we do see a need to diversify, without taking up more room. With demand trending toward some smaller instruments, we can meet demands for more variety and keep most of our Dobs at once – more details next month!