February President's Message: Electronically Enhanced Observing?

Image through  Unistellar eVscope  (as represented on Unistellar's website).

Image through Unistellar eVscope (as represented on Unistellar's website).

The topic of technology and observing have come up again recently with the appearance of yet another technology that is likely to revolutionize observing: Electronically Enhanced Astronomy (EEA), such as is used by the recently Kickstarted Unistellar eVscope (image from their website).

This development is likely to stir up the kind of discussion and debate that the advent of GoTo technology brought up twenty years ago. There’s already lively discussion about it on our Forum and other amateur astronomy boards.

I propose to settle the debate from the start: technology always wins.  So let’s predict that EEA is going to revolutionize our hobby and I hope for the better.  But I am always the voice that says: don’t let the technology overtake our enjoyment of the sky and the stars that fill those gorgeous nights.

Observing Survey: If you haven’t filled out the survey regarding our observing site choices, time is getting short. We appreciate hearing from everyone who fills it out.

Astro-Imaging Class: Registration for the Astro-Imaging Class is still open.  The cost of the class is $20, and class is limited to forty people. It’s filling rapidly so if you want to start at the very beginning and move into the mid-weeds of imaging, this is the class for you.

Camp Hancock: Registration for Camp Hancock is open until March 10. We are limited to 45 RCA members and guests and registration is filling up for this popular event.

Youth Astronomy Class: The Youth Astronomy Class registration is still open. Classes start in March, so if you know of a youth who wants to learn about astronomy and observing, we encourage our members to point them this direction.

Youth Award: We’re still interested in awarding money to young people who do something of merit regarding astronomy and the sciences. Contact our Youth Director if you know of a project that might qualify.

Until the skies clear, I hope we all get to enjoy our winter days!

— Margaret