Telescope Library Acquires new Binoculars, Tripods for our Members

Orion 20x80s

Orion 20x80s

We are pleased to announce that 2 additional pairs of binoculars have been obtained, in response to borrower demand.

The new binoculars are 20x80's, made by Orion. We had one pair of these, and they have been very popular. Now, we have 3 of them.

The binoculars are paired with Orion "extra heavy-duty" tripods. These are heavier than the Orion tripods we have now, and should provide solid support for these large binoculars, better than the Orion field tripods we have for our other binoculars.

This brings our collection of astronomical binoculars to 7, all located at OMSI. Please note that all of our binoculars are loaned out at thiswriting, and binoculars have generally had a higher percentage of items on loan than any other category of equipment we have.

We have 2 pairs of Celestron 12x60 Binoculars, the only binoculars that are small and light enough to use handheld, and for only a short period of time. The next step up is an excellent par of Fujinon 10x70's, and we have had an Orion 20x80 for several years. The topic of a past article is our recently donated "Giant Binoculars", 102mm, and several different magnifications, since it has 4 sets of eyepieces. This instrument is a crossover between binoculars and a refractor, with 4 inch objectives, a dedicated tripod and mounting.

We keep a history of each item in the collection, and we  summarize how this history for several purposes, one of which is monitoring how each category of equipment (like binoculars) is being used. Another is determining demand, and binoculars have consistently been in high demand among RCA members. This acquisition is our response to your demand.

Please look out for these new binoculars on the Telescope Library page; they will be available at the meeting following their appearance.