$1000 in RCA Youth Astronomy Awards to Be Announced at June Meeting

At our June meeting the Rose City Astronomers will announce the names of the seven (7) recipients who will receive awards for their astronomy related projects. The awards are made as part of the Rose City Astronomers’ ongoing Youth Awards Program.  The seven middle and high school aged students will receive awards varying from $100.0 to $200.00 dollars.  If you are a student or have a student, come to the meeting to find out more.  The awards are given out twice a year for astronomy related projects from astronomical research to science-based science fiction and astronomical art. These are our Spring Award Winners:

  1. Avital (Tali) Emlen and Diana Herrera, 12th Grade, Wilson High School, Portland, mentored by RCA member Ken Hose: "Calculating the Distance to Star Cluster M52, Telescopic Spectroscopy, Pine Mt., Oregon"
  2. Sasmitha Purushothaman, 7th Grade, Meadow Park Middle School, Beaverton, Teacher Susan Duncan: "Science Fair Presentation: Detecting Gravitational Waves: Laser Interferometer (LIGO)"
  3. Wilson High School Astronomy Club, Alec Sautter reporting, Wilson High School, Joseph Minato teacher: "The Big Eclipse Camp: Public Education Eclipse Gathering"
  4. Sofia Solares and Kate Kelly, 12th Grade, Woodrow Wilson High School, Tom Calderwood mentor: "The Vega Project, Part 1:  Is Vega a Variable Star?"
  5. Quinn Brown, 9th Grade, Wilson High School, Rob Brown, father/mentor: "Tensegrity Telescope: Building a Portable Telescope"
  6. David Fang, 11th Grade, Oregon Episcopal School, Peter Langley mentor: "Modeling the Orbit of Asteroid NEA 2003 QB90"
  7. Mitchell Simmons, 12th Grade, Woodrow Wilson High School, Chris Bartlow, mentor: "Program to Predict Lunar Eclipse."