Looking for Students to Apply for Young Astronomy Awards


If it’s September, then it’s time for another round of Young Astronomers Awards. In June RCA gave its first set of awards - - including cash - - to several budding scientists for everything from writing a software program to designing and building a telescope to running an eclipse summer camp for kids for an entire week to doing serious astronomical research at Pine Mountain Observatory. The summer has fled and it’s time to find another batch of applicants to encourage on their path to the sciences.

If any of our members knows a middle-school or high-school student in any public or private high school or a home school in Multnomah, Clackamas or Washington Counties, or in Clark County in Washington, who may be interested in applying for a certificate of recognition for a project of excellence and merit, plus a cash grant, please encourage them to submit an inquiry to Mike McKeag, our Youth Director as soon as possible, and to submit the project to RCA by November 15. We will announce the winners and hand out the awards at the December potluck.

The kinds of projects we are looking for can include science journalism, such as writing an article about a recent astronomical development, or an art project, such as making a video or creating a graphic story on an astronomical theme, or doing a major outreach project such as starting an astronomy club at their school, or once again, taking on a research project of their own.

If you do not know of any students in this age range, but know a science instructor in one of these locations, please ask them to contact us right away about these awards. We are sincere in our desire to reach a broad spectrum of students and encourage them to take on the challenge of STEM education, and even more, we are interested and excited to see what kind of creative projects students of today come up with.