Change Continues at the Telescope Library

With the arrival of Winter and the New Year, our prime season for maintenance and cleanup is upon us. After examining our patterns and preferences for borrowing over the past year, I am making some decisions about reorganizing the collection a bit. In order to free up space at both of our storage locations, telescopes that have not loaned out over this past year will be removed to another location. They will still be available for reservation, but on a somewhat different basis.

Telescopes that are in this category will be removed from the main list you see on the website today, and moved to a new section, below the main collection. You will still be able to reserve them, but what happens between the time you reserve and the time you pick up and return the telescope will be a little different. In essence, we will decide, together, where the telescope will be loaned, and where it will be returned, and how long each loan will be.

As telescopes loan out more from this category, they may be returned to the main collection, space permitting. Similarly, additional telescopes in the collection may be moved to this category if they do not loan out over time. Please consider that these telescopes may be removed entirely any time there are no reservations for them. There will also be a way to make an offer for telescopes in this category that have no reservations, and we may take other steps to sell or donate these them.

These are all telescopes in good working order, and members may not be borrowing them for any of a variety of reasons. They may simply be older than some others, or lack the lastest electronic technology for finding objects, tracking, or imaging. However, they may also be upgraded to meet the requirements of an observing program of your choosing. In the meantime, they will be making room for a more diverse collection of telescopes in the library that we have now.