Reserving Tables for Our May 20 Astronomy Day Fair and Swap Meet

The RCA general meeting of May 20th will be our annual Astronomy Day Fair and Swap Meet, in the OMSI auditorium where we usually met.  Sellers who want a space at a table in the Swap Meet area (the center of the auditorium), please let me know before April 25 at  Let me know if you need a full table, or can use a half table to share with another seller.  Also, please include your contact information.

Set up will begin at 5:30 p.m., no exceptions. Remember that the load/unload area in front of OMSI allows only 15-minute parking. After that you are blocking a city fire lane and could get a ticket. Also, parking will be tight that night because there will be another event going on at OMSI that same night. Finally, there is no electrical service to the Swap Meet area and OMSI will not permit stretching a cord across the room, even taped down. Especially taped down

RCA will have several tables around the perimeter of the Auditorium and the Swap Meet tables and chairs will be set up in the middle. Right now there are twelve tables for a total of 24 spaces. If we need more, we can rearrange the tables to get more spaces. There will also be at least two tables out in the lobby area reserved for our vendors. Sunriver will, as usual, be in the lobby outside the main door to the Auditorium.

RCA will also have its own tables along the back wall for Sales, Membership and Book Library, as usual.  We will NOT have New Member Orientation that night.  RCA will have workshops in Classroom One and shows in the planetarium, but we will have no workshops or presentations in the Auditorium, for noise reasons. However, there will be a Kids with Scopes area between the Swap Meet area and the Main Stage.

If you contact me by April 25, I will assign you a space and put your name on it. If you contact me after April 25, you will have to use one of the "extra" tables I plan to have on hand, if I can find room for them.

We'll make it work; we always do.

I'm truly looking forward to this.

Yours, Margaret