RCA Membership Reaches 800


Last month Rose City Astronomers passed another milestone in our membership: we're over 800! We don't know exactly what's driving our fairly rapid growth these last two years, but we have some ideas. Portland itself is growing; we have a strong web and social media presence; there's growing awareness of dark sky issues; and we've done a lot of outreach. Also we continue to offer great speakers and lots of support for observers and telescope users.

But we know that these changes in numbers are going to make changes in the club. We're going to need more support for new members. We will no doubt find more modern ways to manage our membership databases and our communications systems. We want to offer more workshops and classes for members in all areas of interest. And of course,we will need more volunteers. Lots more volunteers. While the Board works to stay ahead of our growth curve, our members can contribute by offering their time and talents in any area of the club they feel comfortable.

Welcome everyone, new members and veterans! We have a lot of work to do.

See you in September! Margaret