Contact Information for RCA Board of Directors and Program Coordinators

The RCA Board usually meets the first Monday of the month in OMSI Classroom 1. Check the calendar for any changes in schedule or location.

Board of Directors: Elected Officers


Margaret McCrea
Coordinator Sister Clubs, Downtowners SIG, AWB Liaison
I've been a member since 1997, when I went to a Perseid Meteor Shower Party and got connected. I started the Downtowners lunch for RCA members and in the past I've mentored the Young Rose City Astronomers, served as Secretary and Sales Director. I organized a trip for a group of 12 people to Costa Rica in 2001 for an eclipse and in 2006 for 19 people to Mendoza, Argentina to observe with a club that became our first Sister Club. I am now liaison with Astronomers Without Borders and working to expand our Sister Club program. Once I finish my Master Observer award, I hope to buy a bigger scope, learn to tell time by the stars in any season and start all over again!

Ken Hose
VP Membership/ALCOR
I've been an active RCA member since 1999 and Membership VP since 2004. Until about 2009 I did visual observing with 8" and 14" telescopes. I have completed a few Astronomical League observing programs and am about 3 objects shy of completing the Herschel-1 list. In 2009 I started astro-imaging from my home observatory and I use a portable setup for "pretty picture" imaging at star parties while the observatory is used mostly for scientific work. My main interests are in exoplanet transit detection and photometry of variable stars. In the past I've volunteered for the Oregon Star Party. I'm also the Astronomical League coordinator for the RCA.


Steve Weiler
VP Observing
I have been an active member of the RCA since 2002 and became the RCA VP of Observing in December of 2013. My love for astronomy started in the late 90's with the gift of a telescope from my wife and continues today when spending time under the stars with my kids. That simple 4" telescope gift has evolved over the years with ever larger scopes. I love visual observing and have become addicted to dobs. I recently sold my 18" Obsession to a fellow RCA member and I have recently finished building a 22" telescope. 

Jennifer Laster
VP Outreach & Education



Mark Martin
VP Programming
I'm an RCA member since 2005 and VP of Programs since 2011.  I have a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the UW and have worked creating and analyzing mathematical models and computer simulations in biotechnology and materials science for several small companies. I've had a passion for astronomy and physics since a very young age and I love learning about and sharing the wonders of the night sky.  I also enjoy teaching and have lectured or taught at several universities, RCA, and other organizations.  I hope to continue enticing top-quality speakers to visit and fill us in on some of the newest and most exciting developments in the astronomical realm.

Paul Edison-Lahm
VP Communications

Duncan Kitchin
RCA member since 2008. RCA Secretary since 2009.


Larry Godsey
Treasurer & Interim Forums Administrator


Board of Directors: Appointed Directors

Dawn Nilson.gif

Dawn Nilson
Director Dark Sky Preservation (IDA)
I've been an astronomy buff since watching all the Apollo missions live on TV. I even had an astronaut suit and a command capsule that I played in. At 9 my aspirations turned to ecology and as an ecologist and amateur astronomer I am avid about educating the public and politicians about light pollution and its adverse effects on wildlife, humans, and our cultural heritage of the night sky. As the RCA IDA liaison since 2009, I welcome any questions, ideas, or concerns you may have about preserving our night skies. 

Howard Knytych
Director New Members
RCA member since 1997.
I’ve been an active member of RCA since 1997, and the New Members Director since 2009.  But I’ve been interested in all things in the sky since I was a little kid.  I used to be an FAA instrument flight instructor, owned my own Cessna, did search and rescue with the Civil Air Patrol, and was a mountain flying clinic mentor.  Having retired from flying, I’ve become active as a visual observer and astroimager.  I like teaching and outreach.  I’ve been a part-time astronomy instructor at Concordia U since 2005, and have enjoyed showing the night sky to the public in New Mexico and Namibia.

Craig Hlady
Director Merchandise Sales
I've been an RCA member since 2009 and recently took over as Sales Director. I grew up in a small town in northern British Columbia and became interested in astronomy at an early age, memorizing facts about planets almost as soon as I could read. In 2008 I received a telescope for Christmas from my better half (who had no idea what she was getting herself into), put a camera on it and was hooked. Since then I've found astrophotography to require a blend of artistic and technical discipline that deeply appeals to me. The hobby has introduced me to the wild splendors of central Oregon, and I have met many fascinating and knowledgeable people I would never have otherwise.

David Novotny
Director Calendar Manager

Coordinators and Contacts

Jan Keiski.png

Jan Keiski
Coordinator Book & Video Library
I've been an RCA member since 1990 and Library Director since forever. I've been interested in astronomy since the age of 9 when I got my first telescope! The Moon and Saturn and it's rings had me inspired. I have always loved books and I've put my love into the RCA library.  I was awarded the Galileo Award by RCA in 2005 for contributions to the club. Having traveled 3 times now to Mendoza, Argentina, home of our sister club, GAMA, I have enhanced our relationship knowing personally it's members and attending many of their star parties under Southern Hemisphere skies.

Greg Marshall.jpg

Greg Marshall
Coordinator Astronomical Imaging SIG
I've been an RCA member since 2005 and since 2009 I've been the Astronomical Imaging SIG coordinator. I am a retired electronics engineer, and now keep busy running a small business selling astro-photos and specialized astronomy equipment.

Viktors Berstis
Coordinator Cosmology SIG
I've been an RCA member since 2011 and Cosmology SIG coordinator since 2012. I am a Senior Software Engineer at IBM and an IBM Master Inventor with over 170 US patents. I am currently the technical lead and chief scientist for where I help researchers exploit grid computing in their projects. With degrees in mathematics, physics, computer information and control engineering from the University of Michigan, I am a senior member of the IEEE. My hobbies include playing the piano, designing and building all sorts of electronic gadgets, 3D stereoscopic photography, radio controlled airplanes, cosmology and exploiting solar energy.

Rusty Baumberger.jpg

Rusty Baumberger
Coordinator Haggart Observatory
RCA member since 2011.
Haggart Observatory Director since 2013.

Patricia Ayerza
Liaison, GAMA
RCA member since 2008.


John Delacy.png

John Delacy
Coordinator Telescope Workshop/Library
I have had a great interest in astronomy since, as a small child, my parents took me outside to see a bright comet (maybe comet Arend-Roland in 1957). Over the years I have owned or built several telescopes. My current scope is a home-made 14.5" Newtonian. I am a retired electrical engineer, having worked at Tektronix for 29 years. I've been a member of the RCA since 1992 and Director of the RCA Telescope workshop since 2004. At the Oregon Star Party every year, I conduct an activity for kids to build a true scale model of the solar system.

Don Peckham
Asst-Coordinator Telescope Workshop
I've been the Assistant Telescope Workshop Coordinator since 2005 and a member of RCA since 1998 when I ground and figured a mirror at the Telescope Workshop under Jim Girard. I've built three telescopes with multiple modifications. Before retirement I was an engineer with the Hyster Company. I play a Vega (4-string) banjo made by the Galaxy Trading Company.

Chris Anderson
Assistant Treasurer



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