Cosmology & Astrophysics SIG

The purpose of this SIG is to inform, inspire, ask questions and keep up to date on current research and the state of our knowledge of the universe. All RCA members are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in discussions on a wide variety of topics related to the formation and development of the universe.  A background or education in astrophysics or cosmology is not required to participate - just an interest in expanding your understanding of the universe observed by astronomers. 

Meetings are held @ 7:00 pm the Wednesday after the RCA General Meeting.

We will go over the latest cosmology/astrophysics news items since the last meeting. After the video lectures, we will have a discussion, if desired, about what was seen.

As a resource to RCA members and others, Viktors prepares a monthly summary of news related to astrophysics and cosmolgy contained in several technical journals and publications, such as: AAAS Science, Nature, Scientific American and IEEE.  

He maintains an archive of these summaries here. NOTE: some of the links within the summary document may require a subscription to the journal, but many do not.

For more information, contact SIG Coordinator:  Viktors Berstis.