Young Astronomer Award Program


Student must submit this application and receive RCA approval of project before consideration for an award. Please make sure you have read the complete program description before you complete this form.

Student and parent will receive notification from RCA of acceptance or conditional acceptance of the application. Conditional acceptance is granted for proposals requiring further detail prior to approval. This program is open to high school students from the Portland, OR metro area.

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Student Home Address
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In your project description below, ask yourself and answer these questions:
1. What do I want to do, accomplish or produce for this project?
2. How will this project demonstrate significance? In other words, what impact will this project have on those around me, my community, others?
3. What do I plan to learn and/or skills I hope to gain through this project?
4. What data collection methods (or informational sources), tools or instruments will I use? If data analysis is performed, what methods do I plan to use?
e.g. research paper, summary report of project activity, news story, poster or visual art, video, etc.
The Rose City Astronomers may be able to assign a mentor to you or lend a telescope or equipment to you as part of your project. Do you anticipate needing this type of assistance? *
Which Award Cycle/application deadline are you applying to?
Thank you for your project submission! You will be contacted by a member of the Rose City Astronomers soon about the status of your application. Remember, you must receive notification of approval prior to beginning or submitting a completed project for an award.

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