Star Parties: Code of Conduct for All RCA Events


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to help insure your safety and the safety of others, to contribute to the enjoyment of club events, and to foster an atmosphere that will encourage other people to join RCA. These standards of behavior apply to club events, public events and at any volunteer or outreach events.

1. Read and be familiar with the star party etiquette concerning Public Star Parties and RCA Members-&-Guests-Only Dark Sky Parties and conduct yourself accordingly.

2. Assume that anyone you meet on the observing field is a serious observer and treat them respectfully. Manage your light sources as carefully as you want others to manage theirs.

3. Invite friends to RCA general meetings first. If they are interested in attending a members-and-guests star party as your guest, advise them of good star party etiquette before they arrive and help them prepare for on-site conditions.

4. At any RCA event, public or private, comments or actions that are biased or discriminatory will not be tolerated, nor actions that are sexually inappropriate, hostile or inhospitable to other attendees, or that put members or others at risk of physical harm. Any incident of such inappropriate behavior can be grounds for losing one’s club membership.

5. If you witness someone not observing Star Party Etiquette, deal with them pleasantly and constructively so our star parties are positive experiences for everyone. If appropriate, discuss any situation of inappropriate behavior with the on-site coordinator for the event or a club officer.

6. At any club meeting, club event, public event or outreach event, remember that as a club member you represent all of RCA, so the cordiality and respect we show to others sets the standard for those who become interested in joining our club.