Trout Lake Star Parties

Trout Lake Star Party is at Flattop Sno-Park lot in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Trout Lake,  WA.  This is a star party for RCA Members and their guests only.

46° 03' 24"N, 121° 37' 43"W
Altitude 2600 feet

We have been advised by the
Gifford Pinchot Ranger Station
it is okay to stay overnight
in the sno-park on our scheduled weekend.

Outside of our scheduled weekend you are on your own for getting permission to stay overnight.


You will be setting up your telescopes on asphalt or gravel, all RVs must be on the pavement. You can tent camp on the side of the parking lot in the grassy areas.

See the RCA Forum for more info.

New to Star Parties? Read Etiquette for Star Parties

There is a deluxe outhouse on the side of the parking lot. The nearest gas/food/water is in Trout Lake.

If you bring an RV, park in an organized way that leaves access lanes for others who may be coming/going over the weekend.

Tent camping is fine, but you will want a ground cloth under your tent and a reflective cover during the day helps keep the inside temperatures down. Propane stoves only and please use them up off the ground on a table or stand. No open fires or charcoal briquettes.

It can always be very cold at night no matter what the season, so bring warm clothing.

There is no formal registration for the event itself, just show up and enjoy the weekend. You don't even need a telescope to participate; other members are enthusiastic to share their views. This is a good opportunity for beginners to get acquainted.

Driving Directions

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Head east on Highway I-84 to Hood River exit #64 and go North across the bridge at Hood River to cross the Columbia River.

At the north end of the bridge turn LEFT towards Underwood about 1.5 miles and turn right onto Hiway 141 just before crossing the White Salmon River (gps 45°43'42" x 121°31'15")
Note: If you are on Hiway 14 from Vancouver then turn left onto Hiway 141 just after crossing the White Salmon River.

Continue on Hiway 141 about 21 miles and at Trout Lake take the left fork at the cafe/gas station and then continue through Trout Lake on Hiway 141 about 2 miles farther to Trout Lake Creek Road (Forest Road 88) (gps 45°59'49" x 121°33'23") at the Elk Meadows RV Park sign.

Turn right onto Forest Road 88 and continue about 6 miles to Flattop Sno-park.

For more information from the National Forest Service click here.

If you have any further questions email the VP of Observing.